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Visa day... Angolan Visa (Point Noire)
Martin writes...

Due to technical difficulties the Angolan Embassy in Libreville was closed. (Thankfully we discovered this beforehand from the Italians!) We were recommended to head for the Pointe Noire embassy instead. This embassy is notorious for being very difficult to secure visas!

Quick Link

Visa Information

The process is very long:

Day 1 - Get information and write letter (in French) requesting visa
Day 2 - Hand in photocopies, passport and letter - wait patiently for interview with the Angolan Counsellor
Day 3 - Wait
Day 4 - Wait (trying not to get too anxious)
Day 5 - Beg for visa
Day 6 - A 5-day transit visa is stamped in your passport

The requirements for the visa are:

Letter requesting visa (from Celtel shop around the corner - Cost is 1000CFA
Application form (from receptionist)
Two photos
20000CFA (20GBP) for 5-day Transit visa

GPS waypoints are:


Opening times: 9am - 12pm
Opening days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Korean owned fishing boats

Misty morning beach campsite


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