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Anything That Floats??
Martin writes... Have a day to spare, we decided to join the Lilongwe Round Table team for a day of 'Anything that Floats'.  Raft designs ranged from the Huckleberry Fin, to the latest chain driven, pedal powered 'yacht'.  Needless to say, the team we cheered breezed home in their wooden tri-hulled pedal powered cruiser.

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The day was aptly named 'Anything That Floats' so when the heavens opened up in the afternoon, and the dam water started rising, we quickly saw cars, trucks and double-cab 2x4 cars getting stuck in the mud.  Out came our kinetic strop and soon the Unimog and a few of the farmers tractors were pulling the stricken vehicles out. 


The Team

What, Where and How?

Young Pirate

The boat building, with farm kids watching


Paddles getting fitted

School kids getting involved


Ready, steady, go...

And then the rain came...  hours later, the Unimog (below) had recovered 5 vehicles!




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