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Refugee Camp
Debbie writes... at Murchisons Falls we met up with some volunteer aid workers, who were based out of Arua (the base for many aid organisations). 'Right to Play' is a Canadian aid organisation which focuses on uniting children/communities together through sport and games. I was very interested to hear how the team - Angela (UK), Simon (UK), Hana (Czech) and Brittany (Can) - worked with the various communities in the refugee camps. 


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The team invited us to spend a day with them to see how their programs worked in practice. We went with Hana to the Rhino Camp Settlement and observed how her and her team of coaches, arranged games for the refugee children (this included Sudanese, Congolese & Ugandans) - as well as arrange a friendly football match for the older boys. As part of organising a football league, 'Right to Play' were tasked to educate all players about fair play rules and footballer's etiquette - which also extended to their spectators. 

It was very interesting to see how the communities responded and delighted in all the games :-)  Very rewarding ... but incredibly tiring! After our 1.5hr drive back to the house, we were all very exhausted by the day's activities. How does the team do this everyday?? 

Canadian-based charity aid

Hana liases with her coaches

Children come to play

Uniting different communities

Joining in


Spectator seat


Rhino Camp Settlement

The Team - Brittany, Hana, Angela & Simon


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