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Wheel Bearings - AGAIN
Martin writes... Since arriving in East Africa we seem to be having endless mechanical issues.  I blame a few of the issues on the poor workmanship which had taken place in Kenya. Backing my statement, we have had to replace all the shock absorber bushes within 5000km of having a full new set fitted.  Whilst in Nairobi, I had the right wheel bearings changed.  Recently, every rut we hit the wheels would wobble & shudder very badly.  I checked all the shocks only to discover that the wheel bearings seemed to have failed. 

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Maggie - The Technical Issues

Referring back to the manual, I removed the wheel, the brake callipers and the hub only to discover that all the locking nuts were loose.  The garage who had replaced the wheel bearings could not have tightened everything to the right tension.  I now know how to fully strip the front hub!


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Well-used  workshop manual



Our destination, after the repairs, was the small town of Kisoro.  The GPS reckoned it was only 25km away, however the winding road over two mountain passes took us 3 hours and 80km.  The scenery here in Uganda has to be some of the best in East Africa.

Virunga Mountains in distance

Potato growing terraces


Winding mountain passes

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