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Fresh Water Crayfish
Martin writes... Ronald, a young Ugandan was working for the Lake Bunyoni Overland Campsite during his school holidays.  When we arrived at the campsite he was keen to sell us 2kg of fresh water crayfish. Rather dubious that the current crayfish were old, we insisted he bring us fresh ones - he promptly disappeared and later returned with 2kg of live fresh water crayfish.

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Debbie was not impressed with these squiggling 'things' - which looked like scorpions - so very quickly she hid behind our washing that needed to be done!  Ronald gladly took charge and set to boiling them and peeling them in preparation for our evening meal. He gave us lots of tips about how, and which spices to use, for cooking these delicate crayfish. The result was very yummy indeed!

Ronald - the crayfish king

Fresh water crayfish




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