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Rafting the Rapids
Martin writes... Famed as one of the world's best white-water rafting available, we handed over our US$95 and headed off for a full day rafting on the Zambezi River.  Bundu Adventures, one of three rafting companies offering full day trips, picked us up from our campsite at 8am to start the day.

The Zambezi fluctuates metres depending on the time of year.  May to July are known as the high water season so the rapids are not too ferocious. However, with names like 'Overland Truck Eater'; 'Commercial Suicide' and 'Judgement Day',  it was enough to get our adrenalin pumping :-)

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Forward paddle, back paddle, DOWN! ... a series of commands would be shouted from behind by our rafting guide, Potato (apparently named because he was born in a potato field!).  The 13 rapids were quickly negotiated and after a tough walk out of the gorge, we enjoyed a good meal provided by the rafting company.


The mighty Zambezi River

Tough trek to the river

Potato, our guide

Jim & Debbie (another one)


Preparing for Rapid #10 (our first)




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