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19 March 2005

David Livingstone set sail from Zanzibar on March 19th, 1866 to begin his final quest to
find the Source of the Nile - his journal entry read:

"Now that I am on the point of starting another trip into Africa I feel quite
exhilarated - the affect of travel on a man whose heart is in the right place is that
the mind is made more self-reliant: it becomes more confident of its own resources -
there is greater presence of mind."

Our BigSky Adventure continues ...

The Sweepers

Parked on a hill overlooking the Atlantic ocean, an orange Fiat overland-prepared truck
rolled up and out popped a vivacious Italian couple named Luca and Sameena - the
'Overland Sweepers' (having left Europe so late in the season). Offering years of
overland experience through Mongolia and Russia, they were embarking on a trip to South
Africa, up to Kenya and over to India. We joined up with them to traverse the
Mauritanian beach route...

Piste 'ZZ2'

Piste 'ZZ2' was a plotted GPS waypoint on the digital Russian maps which had been
installed on Sameena's laptop. The interface between the GPS and the Toshiba laptop
worked well however a rushed plotting of a few waypoints close to the Cap d'Arguin
National Park in Mauritania meant that we ended up paving a new piste to a waypoint
called 'ZZ2'(pronounced ZeeZee 2)...

Mali Kids

Children are the same wherever you go - they love games, they love attention and they
love cadeaux (gifts). We met some delightful Malian children who sang to us, swam with
us, showed us how to catch a bird and braided Debbie's hair...

Our Fisherman Friend

The sincere kindness and generosity of local Malians is overwhelming. One such fisherman
invited us to spend the night in his village and treated us like royalty. It was very
touching to be openly welcomed by his family and made to feel so special...



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