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Pyrenees Playtime

Its been ages since Debbie and I have had a holiday, so we will be taking time out to explore Southern France. Joining us for the first week will be Sam Watson and his girlfriend, Linda, along with Elsa the one-ten.

A lot of time and effort has gone into Maggie to make her into a vehicle that we can travel in. (Richard & Colin spent hours kitting Maggie out - now its our turn to add our touch). We will be using the two weeks to 'bed' down the Landy and all the kit. 

Departure date: 20th August returning 4th September 2004

Click on a link below to read the diary entry - latest entries at the top

Date Diary Summary...
10 Sept 04 Video highlights of the trip
5 Sept 04 Sam & Linda's Photos
4 Sept 04 The trip Summary
30 Aug 04 Egyptian Vultures
25 Aug 04 Andorran Heights
24 Aug 04 Wild Horses (plus video)
23 Aug 04 Twisting our way to Andorra ((plus video)
21 Aug 04 The French Connection
  The Budget
  The Team

The pre-trip will be used to test the following:

  • Camp setup - practise setting up camp etc
  • Cooking options - i.e. gas or fuel stove?
  • Packing setup - a lot of kit - but where do you pack it!
  • Website - will we be able to update the website via the laptop

But for us the important thing is time off to enjoy the Pyrenees taking time out to hike, read, eat French food and relax!




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