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Flood Path to Maralal
Martin writes... 05:30am the alarm clock went off... 06:00am the engine putted into life and we turned the Landy South for the tiresome drive back to Maralal.  Around 2pm, and with only 10km to go, we started joking that we had missed the rain as the ground was looking very wet. The road was slightly muddy which meant that we were one of the first vehicles to drive it after the initial downpour of rain. Within a kilometre of us joking we encountered our first rain damage... the road had collapsed under the weight of an old Series III Land Rover.  This vehicle was fully loaded with 50kg maize sacks, and one old man who adamantly refused to budge from the rear.

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The driver of the rescued Land Rover had given me a friendly warning about the road ahead and the rising water level.  When we reached the crossing we realized that his warning was a little outdated and that the river had already overrun the causeway.  Eager to get to our campsite I waded a third of the way across until the water reached my knees.  The current was not very strong, so I felt it was good enough for a crossing.

Road collapsed


Well and truly sunken in...

Man power and a tug cleared the Landy.

Engaging low range, with difflock, we tentatively entered the water and maintained a slow constant motion creating a perfect bow wave in front of the vehicle.  This was until we had 10m to go!  The water got deeper and suddenly it was cascading over the front of the bonnet!  The water gushed towards the windscreen and poured through all our open vents drenching our feet and Debbie's boots!  Thankfully the Landy did not skip a rev and comfortably pulled us through the deep rut!

Bit more water than usual...


...so a quick recce to check depth...


Hmmm... this only means one thing...

'Flood' Light


Flood at full tide...

...followed by no water 12hours later

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