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Date Diary Summary...
14-October-05 Maggie turns 170
13-October-05 Tiwi Beach - Magical!
12-October-05 Road to Tiwi
09-October-05 Kuota - a dream come true
07-October-Page2 Elephant Sanctuary - page2
07-October-05 Elephant Sanctuary
06-October-Page2 'Out of Africa'
06-October-05 Giraffe Centre
05-October-05 Kenya's Equator
See Uganda's Entry for missing dates
16-September-05 Naiberi River Campsite
14-September-05 Flood Path to Maralal
13-September-Page3 Sunset of Lake Turkana
13-September-Page2 Turkana & Rendile Tribes
13-September-05 El Molo Tribe
12-September-05 The Road to Lake Turkana
10-September-Page2 Flight of the Fish Eagle
10-September-05 Lake Baringo Nature Walk
09-September-05 Lake Baringo
07-September-05 Lake Nakuru National Park
06-September-05 Hells Gate National Park
05-September-05 Elsamere - the home of George and Joy Adamson (Born Free)
02-September-05 Props Away
See Tanzania Entry for missing dates
12-August-05 Three Lion Kills
11-August-05 Masai Mara National Reserve
09-August-05 Mt Kenya - Day Five
08-August-05 Mt Kenya - Day Four
07-August-05 cont Top Hut
07-August-05 Mt Kenya - Day Three
06-August-05 Mt Kenya - Day Two
05-August-05 Mt Kenya - Day One
04-August-05 A touch of the wild side
01-August-05 Rhythm of the Day
31-July-05 Sharing the Dream
29-July-05 Kuota - '...to dream'
27-July-05 Maggie's Lift!
26-July-05 Kenya - The Pride of Africa
Sam & Linda
Sam & Linda join us in Kenya. Read about their Born Free, Anti-poaching and other activities...
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