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Maggie's Lift
Martin writes... The heavy toil of potholed roads in Central Africa played havoc on the Land Rover's suspension - she sagged, wobbled and drove sideways so its time for a full-house refit.

Ndovu Suspension in Nairobi provided an excellent service (as they should do for the price). New heavy duty springs were fitted on the rear along with a full set of shocks. Maggie now looks even bigger with her new lift!

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Since arriving in Nairobi, we have been camping at the Upperhill Campsite / Backpackers. It has a chilled/laid-back atmosphere with many different types of overland vehicles, tourists and backpackers constantly wondering in. We love meeting new people and this provides us with the perfect opportunity (and inspiration) to chat to very interesting people. One such couple was Manfred and Frauke (Dutch), they entertained us with many stories and wonderful photographs of their trip from Holland to Kenya via Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia. This has got us thinking ...

Swedish 'Troop' Carriers

Assortment of 'overland' vehicles

Tents galore

Manfred & Frauke's Land Rover

Manfred & Frauke


Rear suspension

Front suspension

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