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Lake Baringo - Nature Walk
Martin writes... The overland trucks in the camp recommended that we do the 2-hour nature walk around Lake Baringo and up to the Rift Valley escarpment.  Cliff, our local guide, lead us on an interesting walk from the camp - along the way, his helper, lifted rocks looking for snakes, scorpions and various reptiles.

His knowledge of birdlife was excellent - we spotted a pair of rare black Hornbills. 

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An interesting distraction was a termite hill we went to investigate.  Unusually, these terminate mounds have open 'extractor' vents so that the queen termite can remain cool as she lays her thousand-odd eggs per day.  Life span of the worker termite averages 6.5days whilst the army termite can live as long as seven days!


Huge termite hill emanating heat

Venomous Adder

Non-venomous spider

Black Scorpion

Leopard Tortoise





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