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Lake Baringo
Debbie writes... Kenya has numerous lakes in the Rift Valley, but this one is renowned for its amazing birdlife. Lake Baringo is surrounded by cliffs and mountains, making it truly spectacular.  Our campsite, Roberts Camp, was based right next to the lake which attracted large numbers of hippos into the camp at night. It was rather daunting stepping out of our tent for a loo break at night...

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Another attraction at the campsite is a very old and friendly tortoise. 'Mzee Korby' ambles around the gardens eating vast amounts of fruit and veggies that are fed to her by the various travellers. It is amazing just how pre-historic these creatures really look.

Mzee Korby


Roberts Camp Bar (with tortoise)


Lake Baringo

Hippos stroll into campsite through reeds

Friendly Hornbills



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