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Lake Nakuru National Park
Debbie writes... about 4kms from the town of Nakura (which is Kenya's fourth largest town), lies Lake Nakuru. Being stuck in town for the day as our landy was in the garage for repairs - we opted to put the day to good use and visit the nearby Lake Nakuru National Park.

Famous for its abundance of pink flamingos, this soda lake also attracts vast buffalo, white & black rhino ... as well as the allusive leopard. It was incredible to experience all this wildlife so close to town. At 4pm the heavens opened and cut short our enjoyable game ride - which ended our hopes of spotting the allusive leopard (we missed by 10mins!).

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Park entrance

Do not disturb!

This little fellow tried jumping through our open window

Grazing waterbuck

Someone popped out to say 'Jambo'


Marabou Stork with Buffalo


White Rhino dominate the park

Is this pose good enough?


Thousands of flamingos

Pretty in pink

Flying sequence

Lake Nakuru from our leopard viewpoint

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