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Turkana & Rendile Tribes
Debbie writes... Loiyangalani is a small town on the south eastern shore of Lake Turkana. It is inhabited by four main communities - El-Molo, Turkana, Rendile & Samburu. Later that afternoon our guide took us to visit the Turkana and Rendile tribes. It is amazing to witness just how traditional these tribes are and fascinating to hear about their origins and way of life.

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About 1km outside of the village is an amazing oasis tucked away. This oasis was used as a location to film the movie 'Mountain of the Moon'. The green waters are inhabited by huge crocodiles - swimming at your own risk!

'Mountain of the Moon'

Tranquil oasis

Turkana witch-doctor

Mud head piece with ostrich feather 
(spot tobacco behind ear)

Wife of Turkana witch-doctor

Ostrich feather plaited in hair

Turkana village

...with mountain backdrop

Rendile woman

Necklace made of giraffe tail

This lady performs female circumcision

Rendile ladies in traditional dress

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