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El Molo Tribe
Debbie writes... situated on the banks of Lake Turkana is the tiny village of El-Molo. The El-Molo tribe is one of the smallest tribes in Africa and very unique compared to any other tribe. On our arrival the village chief came out to greet us - we asked his permission to visit his village and meet his tribe. He gladly welcomed us (for a fee) and encouraged us to engage with his people. 

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This tribe survive on fish which they catch from the lake. The fish is dried and stored in one of the huts for consumption during the low fishing season. Due to the water being saline, many of the tribe have bandy/skew legs - as their main source of water is directly from the lake.  

El-Molo Camp - wonderful oasis

View from campsite

En-route to El-Molo village

El-Molo village

El-Molo woman

The earrings indicate a married woman

Young girl

Women build the huts...

...while the men play games

Heavy-duty flip-flops



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