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The Road to Lake Turkana
Martin writes... Lonely Planet describes Northern Kenya as 'an area with extinct and dormant volcanoes; barren, shattered lava beds; canyons through which cool, clear streams flow; oases of lush vegetation hemmed in by craggy mountains and huge islands of forested mountains surrounded by sand deserts'. And of course there's the legendary 'Jade Sea' (Lake Turkana) - Kenya's largest lake and regarded by many as the birthplace of humanity.  Seeking new areas and cultures to explore, we headed north ...

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Leaving the beautiful lake setting, we approached the remote frontier town of Maralal - famous for its annual 'International Camel Derby'. The bar at the Yare Safaris Club & Campsite (who organise the derby) is filled with trophies, photographs and mementos relating to the derby - good conversation topic. 

Rocky Roads

Horr Valley

The first part of our route included rocky roads, flooded pools and lushness of the Horr Valley. 30km later, after climbing over the escarpment, the terrain changed into totally barren landscape with shattered lava beds. The road was tough going on the Landy as we challenged the volcanic rocks.  8hrs later, we were rewarded with views of the amazing Jade Sea...

Muddy pool


Desert Plains


Barren landscape

Lone stunted tree

Volcanic rock

The Jade Sea


Our route to Lake Turkana

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