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Masai Mara National Reserve
Martin writes... The Lonely Planet Africa guide logs: 'Virtually everyone who visits Kenya goes to the Masai Mara - and with good reason. The wildlife watching opportunities are really second to none, particularly if you're looking to see big cats".

With this in mind, we loaded our Land Rover and the Kuota's landy and headed for the reserve. It is a really long way from Nairobi via very bad sand roads as you approach the reserve. We were really surprised to see the state of the road knowing that this is Kenya's premier reserve - this did raise the question about the huge entry fee to the reserve and where the money went!

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Paying our US$30 pp, we entered the park via the Sekenani gate and were immediately rewarded with a herd of Elephants munching away. A few kilometres further, the first wildebeest started appearing - we would eventually see thousands of wildebeest due to the migration. This was truly a magnificent sight.

John & his Masai ladies

Afternoon thunderstorm

Setting up camp at the Sand River campsite

Give me a rooftent anyday



Surely that is a lion?

Thumbs up from Sam


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