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Mt Kenya - Day Five
Martin writes... After ten hours of walking yesterday we arrived at the Kenya Wildlife Service campsite at 3000m ASL.  The staff at the campsite were very efficient - within an hour each room had a fire going, and the hot water was being heated for a well deserved shower.

Still not out of the danger zone, I neglected to drink enough water so awoke with another stonking headache and a very bloated face!  No walking today - this time we were being chauffeured via old Land Rovers to Chogoria village (30kms) and then catching the KG Expeditions mini-van back to Nairobi.

Quick Link

Mt Kenya muddy road Video

We cannot begin to tell you how much fun the two-hour 'mud slide' down the mountain in the old Land Rovers was - watch the video clip for all the action!

KWS Hut at 3000m ASL

Pancakes for breakfast

Packing the old Land Rover

John grabs 'life' by the horns


The mud road to Chogoria



Only standing room available



Debbie & Nicky - enjoy the ride in the back?

John & Sian

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