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Mt Kenya - Day Four
Martin writes... It is four o'clock in the morning and the porters have lit the stove to make us tea.  Our heads are pounding from the nights sleep at 4790m. Today is summit day!

Elias, our guide, briefed us yesterday explaining that we would depart the hut at 5:30am for a sunrise summit at 6:30am.  Trekking through the darkness with our head torches, we climbed the last few hundred metres before reaching the sunrise on the summit.

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The euphoria of reaching Point Lenana (the third highest peak on Mt Kenya), a wonderful sunrise and the elation of reaching the summit with our friends, quickly made us forget our pounding headaches and reach for the cameras.

Mt Nelion (5188m)

The sun peeks over the horizon

The team!
John, Sian, Mike, Jeremy, Martin, Debbie & Nicky

The reward for reaching the top


John, Debbie & Martin


Nicky & Mike - we made it

Look - Kilimanjaro in the distance!

A moment to treasure


Days summary:

Ascended: 374m
Descended: 2168m
Trekking time: 10 Hours 37min

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