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Top Hut - 4790m
Nicky writes.. the toilet was a mile away across a boulder field. Imagine my deep joy at 4am, dark, frost covering the boulders when I discovered I HAD to visit the long drop!! Even better when my head torch gave up on me half way back to the warmth of my sleeping bag... I completed the remaining 5 miles on my hands and knees. When I finally got back into the hut I felt like I had run a marathon and was gasping for air. I will never complain about any inside toilet again.

We met an amazingly nice group of people here. Led by Pat, and assisted by Nick, was a group of 16 to 18 year olds from World Challenge. They were coming to the end of their 4 week trip in Kenya, having finished their A levels.

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Top Hut... 4790m

Top Hut, toilet NOT in sight

Mike, John & Martin

Jeremy, Sian and Debbie


Always smiling...


Not smiling

John near the glacier

We need sleep!!


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