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Mt Kenya - Day Three
Martin writes... What a night - I had all the symptoms of the dreaded high-altitude sickness and this was only 4200m - my head pounded, my body ached and food was not desirable.

During the day I had managed to drink plenty of water, yet come bedtime (around 8pm), the water drinking stopped.  Within hours of stopping the fluid intake, the headache would begin. Around midnight, I had to take a pain-relief tablet as it was so bad. 

Mike writes... according to our itinerary we had a less stressful acclimatisation day ahead of us and approaching the whole point of this journey, I felt the worst was over. The phrase 'what the mind doesn't know, the heart doesn't grieve' comes to mind. Our aim was to get to Top Hut 4790m from where we would launch our final ascent to Point Lenana, on the top of Mount Kenya. We left our camp and immediately ascended a steep incline to a col.

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All of our party were showing signs of difficulties with altitude. Ranging from swollen faces, sickness, headaches and shortage of breath. If we felt that today would be easier we were sadly mistaken.... with tiredness still in our legs from the previous day I just had to focus on reaching Top Hut with as much energy as I could muster. I began to wonder why I was putting myself through this and I couldn't find the answer to this question. It seemed that every step I took required more energy than the previous step, the thinness of the air made my breathing erratic and laboured.

We finally arrived a Top Hut, the best hut by far, although the toilet was some 25m away from the bunk house.

Morning Glory

Will I ever get my boyish good looks back?

Nicky & Mike (sober - honestly)


John giving a porter a hand


Warm sunshine



Altitude can affect you in many strange ways


Aircraft debris,2 years old, a sobering moment

The glacier

Days summary:

Ascended: 605m
Descended: 97m
Trekking time: 3 Hours 44min

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