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Mt Kenya - Day Two
Martin writes... Elias, our guide, warned us that day two was going to be a long day's trek to our overnight hut at 4200m.  Setting off around 8am, we continued the upward motion stopping for morning tea and lunch before eventually arriving at Shipman's Camp / Hut.

This was my first mountain trek so I had no idea how altitude would affect me.  Needless to say, altitude and I do not go together.  

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Mike writes... this was not my first high mountain trek, I did know how altitude would affect me, but for some reason I was still there. We do not go together either!

Pick a direction, they all lead up

Elias - directing operations via mobile

 John holding Debbie up

Stopping for another rest

Incredible views of valleys & mountains

Some of the amazing plant and bird life

Almost there

Finally, we made it...

Days summary:

Ascended: 1052m
Descended: 216m
Trekking time: 7 Hours 15min

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