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Mt Kenya - Day One
(By invitation) Nicky writes...  Mt Kenya, scaling to a height of 5199m offers the average trekker (like us) the opportunity to climb to a peak called Point Lenana (4985m).  We had chosen the option of the five day trip ascending via the Sirimon route, and down via the Chogoria route...

We travelled via mini bus through some amazing scenery, fields of coffee, pineapple and tea to arrive at KG Expeditions office at Naromoro and received a briefing from Peter, our contact there. A little while later we were on our way to the Sirimon gate of the Mount Kenya Park to meet our porters and have lunch, this was our first introduction to Kenyan 'spam'. Once all the logistics were sorted out we set off, finally on our feet (!), along a track towards our first camp. About 3 hours later we had ascended 708 metres, according to Martin's whizzy watch gadget.

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The name 'Old Moses' camp has a slightly romantic ring about it, but the reality was a very basic hut with some fairly challenging toilets. Little did we know that this was to prove quite luxurious.  John opted for the tent option and was the only one to have a quiet night. The rest of us slept (?) together in a bunk house and were kept awake by the continual creaking of the toilet door. It was quite a relief to get up for day 2.


The porters weighing up the kit

Martin & John sorting out the ice axe

Where are we going?

The briefing...


Sian and Mike paying attention


Our first nights accommodation

John's tent - with 'Peter 2'


Dinner time!

Porter's tents

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