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A touch of the wild side
Martin writes... Bordering the Nairobi National Park is a 20 000 acre ranch managed by Phil* and his wife Tim. Over dinner, Phil mentioned that the owners of the ranch had two tamed cheetah and he kindly offered us the opportunity to visit the ranch.

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Charla was gorgeous! Her amber eyes constantly searched the plain looking for prey, always on the alert. We were all in awe of being in her presence and relished the opportunity to give her a gentle stroke - respecting the fact that she was a wild animal. She rewarded us with a gentle rumble of a purr and a rough lick of her tongue.

According to Phil, cheetah's are the only wild cat that can be easily 'tamed' (or rather become more tolerant towards humans).











* In 1977, Phil and a mate completed a full trans-Africa trip in a Series III Land Rover - those were the days when maps were limited, satellite phones and GPS technology did not exist so travel was 'by the seat' of your pants! 

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