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Tiwi Beach - Magical
Debbie writes... It is no surprise that the coastline of Kenya is so popular. With gorgeous white soft sand, stunning turquoise waters and the warm Indian ocean, it truly makes for an idyllic setting. Away from the hustle 'n bustle of Mombassa, you can escape the crowds and relax in peace.

It is wonderfully spectacular ... but sadly I had read that this coastline is a mecca for tourist crime. I was therefore constantly on my guard and very wary of the numerous 'beach boys' who approached us trying to sell various wares. There are Tourist Police Units who patrol the beach, which is a positive effort to confront the problem - let's hope over time they are able to eradicate the problem.  

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A short walk down the coast is Diani Beach - it is equally gorgeous, but caters for mass tourism. This is the where all the Europeans (many Germans and Dutch) flock to for their all-inclusive packaged holidays. We were pleased to be on Tiwi Beach with only a few other travellers ...

White sand and turquoise sea - idyllic

Maggie is parked under one of the palm tree

Lovely long stretches of beach - great for  walking

Gorgeous rock formations

Every day for the past 8 years, 'Mango Man' does his rounds on Tiwi Beach, selling fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts. He is always smiling, cheerful and very friendly - which has earned him a very popular reputation. Pushing his old rusty bicycle (with no tyres), he offers a large variety of interesting goodies. Amazingly, he thinks he remembered 'Maggie' from the owner's last visit a few years ago ...

'Mango Man' doing his daily rounds


Always full of smiles


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