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The Road to Tiwi Beach
Martin writes... With a few days to spare before heading South to Tanzania (once again), we opted for the long drive from Nairobi to the magical beach of Tiwi, near Mombassa.  Most of the road was good except for the last 60km into Mombassa - it was indescribable!  The drivers were crazy and reckless... and we were tired and irritable after a long drive (8hrs) - so the last hour was no fun!!

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Mombassa is the biggest port in East Africa - surely this should justify a 'reasonable' road infrastructure?  Not at all!!  Once in Mombassa, we needed to catch a ferry to take us to the south bank, where we could head for Tiwi beach.

New Microsoft logo? En-route to Mombasa

Sardine-packed on the ferry

5pm - Embarking the homeward-bound ferry


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