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KWS Orphanage
Martin writes... As our visiting hour with the David Sheldrick baby elephants drew to a close along came Ms Rhino.  She was one of the first Rhino orphans adopted by the trust and regularly pays a visit to the orphanage.  Unlike the rehabilitated elephants (which are introduced into Tsavo NP), the Black Rhinos are allowed to remain in the Nairobi park. The primary difference between the Black and White Rhino revolves around the type of food they graze.  The Black Rhino eats the leaves off trees whilst the white Rhino (with a broad mouth) tends to graze grass. 

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Our other Cheetah experience


Adult Black Rhino




Nairobi Wildlife park provides and orphanage for wild animals - animals that are mainly rescued from poaching.  Paying our US$8 we entered the orphanage expecting a totally difference experience to what we saw.  Caged behind high fences, we spent a depressed half hour walking around the cages looking at depressed animals.  More a zoo than orphanage, these poor animals will never be re-introduced into the wild as they have become to human-dependent for daily food.

As a foreign paying visitor we were allowed to enter the cage with the Cheetahs.  The three females placidly lay about briefly glancing towards the gate as the warden entered with us.  Always magical touching these feline animals!!

One of the three orphaned Cheetah

Loving the attention


Not quite Martin's touch

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