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Props Away!
Martin writes... Clunk Clunk Clunk - gearbox?  Ominous sounds were being emitted from under the vehicle. The metallic clunk seemed to be loudest in 2nd gear so our 'mechanical' minds presumed it was the gearbox until we got 'home' (to Kuota that is) and had a look under the Landy.

The fault lay with the rear universal joint - it was totally knackered - a result, diagnosed later, due to the grease nipple falling off and lack of grease to lubricate the joints.  This must have occurred since the last service (about 4000km ago).

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Maggie - The Technical Issues

My first thought was to take it back to Ndovu and get the garage to replace the unit.  However, Alex insisted that the two of us could tackle the job as I had a few spare UJ's available.

The rear propshaft


Alex & Martin (doing something)

Using the vice-grip attached to the ladder

The job proved relatively easy thanks to the Landy repair magazine and the very useful vice-grip which Colin had kindly modified to fit the rear ladder.

Alex doing his bit!


Fitting the new universal joint


Christopher gets involved...

...whilst Patrick shines the cab


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