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'Out of Africa'
Debbie writes... Karen Blixen is an icon in Kenya. Her 'Out of Africa' story put Kenya on the map ... and made all us girls fall madly in love with Robert Redford (how could we not!). Upon leaving Kenya to return to her native Denmark (after years of struggling to farm coffee), Karen donated her farmhouse to the Kenyan government to set up as a museum.

Visiting her house is as romantic in real-life as in the movie - filled with memorabilia from her time spent in Kenya. Even including the famous cuckoo clock which the local children loved to watch when the Robin flew out to chime the time. They all thought it was a real bird.

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The house is very simple, as Blixen lived ... yet one can feel both the love and hardship that Karen encountered during her adventure in Africa. A remarkable lady, with an undying passion for Africa...! 

"I had a farm in Africa."




Wagon that once was

Original tractor

Superb lunch at Karen Blixen Restaurant

Soaking up the atmosphere

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