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Suicide Mission
Martin writes... During our brief visit to the SL Park, we heard about an exit route from the Mfuwe main gate north to the Great North Road.  This route was an excellent choice ... apart from the awful Tsetse flies! Their bites are so painful - and within seconds they are bursting in size from your sweet blood. For 30km we sat in a 'sauna' as our windows were kept closed and we were reduced to squatting these blood-filled pests. Indeed victorious when we succeeded with each one.


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Additional GPS Information

The route North through the park was very scenic and included two small river crossings, and a traverse up the escarpment.  See the GPS information for route waypoints (additional map below)

Following the '05 Road'

First water crossing - across sandbags

Second river crossing - much deeper


After five days stranded in the park (with no passing cars), the locals below rebuilt the IFA truck's engine and 'Suicide Mission' was ready to resume its mission.  First they needed our help to get them going...

'Suicide Mission'

 A tree stump does the trick


Section of the escarpment road

Steep incline - low range required


Great North Road sign board to S-Luangwa Park

The Russian map below clearly shows the Escarpment (in brown) and our route (in red) from the park gates to the Great North Road

South Luangwa National Park Route


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