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The Land Rover called Maggie
The decision on which vehicle to use for our overland trip has proved to be a difficult one. Undoubtedly Land Rover Defenders have proved to be the most popular choice for overland trips - this could be argued on the fact that Defenders are so popular in the UK compared to any other 4x4.

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My initial thoughts where around using a Land Rover Discovery, a 1993 200Tdi model, which I owned. Unfortunately, the vehicle would have needed many modifications to have prepared it for an overland trip.

Maggie - The Land Rover 110 Defender - click to read the historyLimited funds were available for kitting out the Discovery, so a trip to Inverness was arranged so that I could view Colin Clements Defender 110. Taking a vehicle that is already prepared for overland travel saves a lot of time and money.
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Here is a detailed overview of Maggie, the Land Rover:

  • Model: 110 Defender - Hardtop
  • Year: 1991
  • Engine: 200Tdi Diesel
  • Current Mileage: 142 001 (when we bought her)
  • Fuel capacity: 80Ltrs + 40Ltrs spare
  • Fuel consumption: 13l/100km (23miles/g) on the road

An extensive amount of work has been carried out on Maggie - read more about each feature below.
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Not to be missed... The Technical Issues
Did I mention the paperwork involved? Click here to read more



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Last Updated: 23/12/2005