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More Land Rover Repairs...
Martin writes... This morning the starter worked - first time in days - at the campsite it continued to work but a few hours later - once the engine had cooled - the pesky starter motor failed to click, budge, make-a-noise - our starter motor was totally kaput (as Lex, the mechanic stated).

Arriving in Lilongwe, with the yellow Landy chugging behind in front wheel drive, we headed straight for Graham's workshops.  John's Land Rover only required a new drive member (a thing that bolts onto the rear wheel hub and makes the wheel turn). Far less serious than we had initially thought.

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Cranko Auto Repairs (Lilongwe)
S 13 58.664', E 33 46.526'

Our dear Maggie, (now the Blue Landy) was a different matter. We had thought that it was the switch that had failed as the starter failed to respond in any way.  Checking all the leads and power finally diagnosed the problem as the starter solenoid.  Finally, the starter motor we had packed in January was unravelled and fitted.  Problem solved!! 

Lex at work...

The 'new' starter motor

Caz & Graham our hosts...

... and landy parking lot!


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