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9 January 2005 - Flat Tyre
Martin writes... We have not even left yet and we have our first flat tyre!  This turned out to be a good tyre-replacing practise session.
On Tuesday (11/01/05) we will be replacing all the current Dunlop RoadGripper tyres which are currently on the Landy for Michelin XZLs.  The new Michelin have a 10 ply-rating and are acknowledged to be one of the best Land Rover tyres currently available.
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Flat Tyre Video Clip

The decision to replace the tyres was based on a few recommendations from other Overlanders (thanks Mario, Steve & Darrin) who all suggested it would be easier to replace the tyres now rather than in 4 months time.

Front Left Tyre!

Not sure what caused it!



The face says it all!



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