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23 December 2004 - Fuel Pipe
Martin writes... It was an early morning start for me as I headed to a customer as part of my day-to-day job.  I had to travel down the M4, onto the M25 before heading North-East to Essex.  Whilst waiting for the engine to warm up, I glanced at the fuel gauge and checked if I had enough diesel to cover the 100miles I had to travel.  With just over a quarter tank, I felt that I had enough diesel to cover the distance.  However, whilst on the M25 I noticed that the fuel gauge had dropped into the reserve.  Very quickly I took the next junction and started to look for a petrol station.

The day was miserable, with loads of rain pouring down so when I got to the petrol station, I noticed huge amounts of steam pouring from under the bonnet.  My initial thought was that a lot of water had entered the engine bay and upon contact with the engine it had condensed to form huge amounts of water vapour.  However this was not the case, which to my detriment I only noticed 50miles later.

The steam evaporating from under the bonnet was in fact a loose diesel pump which was pouring diesel all over the engine. I had noticed a very heavy diesel smell in the cabin but had only thought it was related to the spare tank pump transferring diesel from the 2nd tank to the primary.

The problem related to a loose pipe which allowed the diesel to overflow from one injector to another.  I was wearing my business suit so it must have looked very strange to see a businessman with tools in his hand fixing a Land Rover!

The fuel leak was so bad that I 'lost' or leaked out 30litres of fuel!


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