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20 December 2004 - Dunsfold LR
A key mechanical part of the four-wheel drive system is the Transfer Box.  This unit is responsible for engaging the front and rear diffs, which in turn provides power to each wheel.  If the centre diff is engaged, then the transfer box locks the wheels diagonally opposite each other.

The transfer box - the oil stain is very visible
The Transfer Box removed.

The tranfer box cleaned up. Oil stain is still visible
The oil stain is very visible



The top cover open to remove the transfer box
The top of the gearbox

Transfer box about to be steam cleaned
About to be steam cleaned



Unable to steam clean due to frozen water pipes
No chance to clean due to frozen water pipes

Dunsfold Land Rovers



Many thanks to Eric and Darren for the outstanding work during this service and for allowing me to 'hover' and ask stupid questions!


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