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22 September 2004
BigSky Adventures Newsletter The Pyrenees and Beyond
September 2004
"You need to be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi.

We recently heard the above quote and it once again highlighted the key reason for our planned overland journey through Africa. Encompassing different countries, landscapes, cultures, people, languages - our lives will be enriched by incredible experiences. And by assisting in various community projects, we hope to enrich the lives of others!

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  • Pyrenean Adventure
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  • The Big Read!
  • Maggie - The Land Rover
  • Living rough!
  • BigSky Videos

    Here's your opportunity to watch us come to life direct on your PC! All the video clips play in Windows Media player and range in size.

    The Big Read!

    We have just finished reading a fantastic book by Alexander McCall Smith - 'The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency' - Its a fantastic detective type book set in Botswana. Mma Ramotswe, the first lady detective in Botswana sets out to solve crimes. Fantatically written with a huge emphasis on Botswana and her people. Click on the image for the Amazon.com website

    Maggie - The Land Rover

    You might have heard about 'Maggie' - who or what is 'Maggie'? 'Maggie', as the previous owners called her, is a Land Rover Defender 110. She was built in 1991 and has a long history of overland travel.

    Living rough!
    Help us survive on the road! Do you have tips on concocting scrumptious campsite meals, or how to survive living in a tent for a year! Email us with your tips.


    Pyrenean Adventure
    High Mountain passes, wild horses, diesel fumes and striking scenery were all part of our weeks break in the Pyrenees.

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