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Over the last decade of overland travel, every conceivable route has been travelled. During the early 90's a few Trans-Africa trips started in Algeria and headed South, compared to the majority that skirted West Africa eventually arriving in Nigeria before tackling Central Africa.  Quick Links

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Nearly all of the early documented overland trips entered the former Zaire (DR Congo) hoping to miss the wet season. These websites (click to view) offer an interesting insight to the early overland trips.

We recognise that routes in Africa are constantly changing, and as I write this, I know of a few trips which have completed the Central Africa route thus offering a new dimension for 2005.  Click here for current trips. Take a look at AfricaOverland.org and Mobile Medics for two alternative Central Africa routes.

More information on the four routes South below.

PS- Overlanders don't get lost - they just try alternative routes (and they also use GPS technology)

Our Route

West to East Route West Africa Route (Our route)

Additional route options below

Central Africa Route East Africa Route

East African Route option

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