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The very best of 2004 - a year spent dreaming, saving, planning and equipping the Landy...

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15 December 2004 Debbie's work thank you card Debbie's farewell Card
Maggie goes 3D in a farewell card.
04 December 2004 Spit Braai Spit Braai
A group gathers for a farewell spit braai.
December 2004 Image Source: budgetstockphoto.com Vaccinations
Another needle, another vaccination. The injections seem endless...
November 2004 Packing up! November Newsletter
"Remember that the person who has spent the day driving or working on the vehicle does not wash up after supper"
- 'OVERLAND' by Peter Fraenkel (published in 1975)
December 2004 Jate Rings fitted to the Land Rover Jate Rings
Fitted to the chassis, Jate Rings and Bow shackles provide excellent recovery points.
23 October 2004 Africa Wanderer
We join Steve & Michelle in Norfolk for a 4x4 day   
September 2004 September Newsletter
"You need to be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi.  
25 August  2004 The campsite in Andorra Andorran heights
High up in Andorra...
23 August 2004 Elsa, the Land Rover
Sam & Linda join us in The Pyrenees! More
August 2004 Getting Maggie cleaned for the cupboards to be fitted Cupboard Delight
Time to get Maggie cleaned so that rear cupboards could be fitted. More
August 2004 Sticker on Maggie Maggie's Stickers
Colin & Wendy have travelled thousands of kilometres in Maggie. With each destination reached, Maggie was decorated More
July 2004 Maggie gets kitted
Martin spent the weekend in Scotland kitting Maggie out before bringing her 'home' More
July 2004 Route Overview
A short video clip overview of our intended route. More



June 2004

Budget Updates
The Scary Page! All about the budgets and costs involved in our overland trip. More




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