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The very best of our January to June 2005 Overland travels...


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26-June-05 Botswana, Africa's Best
Simply fantastic
21-June-05 Game Galore
So much game, so little time...
18-June-05 Etosha National Park
Simply one of the best National Parks in Southern Africa. Great game viewing with fantastic campsites.
16-June-05 Namibia = Nirvana
This is Nirvana!
12-June-05 Fellow Overlanders
Somewhere in Angola we bump into fellow UK overlanders Rob & Anne-Clare
07-June-05 Angola... again
Welcome to Angola!
04-June-05 DRC
Direct to Matadi for our next Angolan visa
01-June-05 Johan and Impi Home Sweet Home
Fresh sheets, gourmet food and warm hospitality. Thanks Johan for everything!
22-May-05 The Italian Job (video)
Time to recovery the Italians Land Cruiser from Gabon mud!
27-May-05 Destination Brazzaville Destination Brazzaville
Built in 1968 the Antenov was now in the Congo and ready to fly the Italian's Land Cruiser to Brazzaville

22-May-05 The Italian Job
Time to recovery the Italians Land Cruiser from Gabon mud!
20-May-05 0000.000'
Crossing the invisible line.

18-May-05 Gabon
Complete contrast to our first day in Cameroon. No rain, no mud and perfect roads.
14-May-05 Cameroon
Day 1 in Cameroon = Mud & Rain. Be sure to watch the latest video showing how we recover Ben & Christine from the mud!

02-May-05 Introducing Ben & Christine
We team up with Ben & Chris for the route through Central Africa more
28-April-05 Nigeria
All the rumours are unfounded...  more

23-April-05 Escaping Togo
A tough spot to escape from... more
20-April-05 Coconut climber
He climbs where an adult dare not...  more

14-April-05 Big Millys Backyard
A tough spot to escape from... more
04-April-05 Mole Nature Reserve
Elephants galore  more

02-April-05 Ghana
We enter our 4th African country... more
26-March-05 Burkina Faso
We enter our 4th African country... more

18-March-05 Mali
We enter our 3rd African country... more
Video Updates
Two new video clips from Mauritania... more
20-February-05 Tafraoute
The incredible family... more

6-February-05 Les Enfants de la Plage
The children of the beach

3-February-05 Rabat & the Sale Fish Market
Grand Mosques and fish markets...

31-January-05 Rabat & the Sale Fish Market
We finally reached African soil...

29-January-05 Entering Morocco!
We finally reached African soil...

27-January-05 Introducing Africa Wanderer!
Video clip introducing Steve & Michele

26-January-05 Spanish Snow!
Video clip of us caught in a snow storm in Southern Spain

24 January 2005


Our first snow... Sprinkle of Snow!
We woke up to this...

22 January 2005


The day of departure Departure Day!
BigSky Adventure Begins today...
21 January 2005


The Packing continues - - - watch the video clip 1 Day to go...
The whole day was spent packing! Debbie explains what goes where...
19 January 2005


Its Final - - we depart 22nd January 2005 It's Final!
It's all confirmed... we leave on Saturday 22nd January 2005.
17 January 2005 Maggie's Rear
View Maggie's rear!! (Video Clip)
9 January 2005 A Flat Tyre A Flat Tyre Already...
We have not even left yet, and already we have had our first flat tyre...
6 January 2005 Sorting Sorting Sorting The Sorting Continues...
If its not keys, then its paperwork... the sorting continues...
January 2005 Passport woes... Passport Woes
Just what Martin needed to bring the trip to a halt!


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